DIY Pampas Christmas Tree

DIY Pampas Christmas Tree



We are LOVING the neutral Christmas vibes over here and went all in on a PAMPAS Christmas tree! We sourced our pampas locally from neighbors who let us trim several pieces. It will take a LOT to fill out your tree. Below are links to all the materials I used and a few tips on how to recreate the look.


Start with a skinny all white tree- I did an unlit cheap tree from Amazon. It's about 5 ft tall and is pretty small. You can definitely do a larger tree but you will need more pampas. Add white string lights or fairy lights. One set of these fairy lights did the trick perfectly. Add Pampas starting at the bottom. If you have a mix of colors definitely blend those together and add in smaller pieces to fill empty areas. You will need more pampas than you think. I angled my stalks downward to create that traditional Christmas tree shape but if you're wanting a fuller tree you can stick them straight in. I only did the front side of mine since it was placed in a corner. I also broke the Pampas into smaller pieces for the top portion of the tree. I sourced my pampas locally by posting on the Nextdoor App and I found two super kind neighbors that were willing to let me cut a bunch of pampas stalks for free. But if you prefer to buy your pampas- this 100 piece set from Amazon should work! You can fluff it by laying it in the sun and brushing it with a pet brush and spraying it with hairspray helps keep it from shedding. Once you've got your pampas placed just right you can go to town adding neutral ornaments and extra touches. Decorative white pearl, glitter, and white greenery picks really brought it all together. I also added in some bleached palm leaves and spears and I love the look!! Most of my ornaments are from Kirkland's but I also linked a few similar ones from Amazon below. Adding in the faux fur rug and presents were nice additional touches. I LOVEEEEE this little pampas tree so much!!!!

Links galore:

Skinny all white artificial tree

Fairy lights


Smaller pampas filler

Neutral Ornaments

Neutral Amazon Ornaments

Neutral Amazon Ornaments

Kirkland's Ornaments

Kirkland's Ornaments

Faux Fur Presents

Neutral Faux Presents- Amazon

Faux Fur White Rug

Faux Fur Rug- Amazon

Pearl Picks

White Glittery Fern Picks

Bleached Palm Leaves

Bleached Palm Spears



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